Heavy work sensory diet for a rainy day

Updated: Apr 8

We often find ourselves having great sensory days when the weather is nice. Everyone is a little more calm, more willing to listen, more focused, and just downright happier.

However, when the weather throws us for a loop, we can be left put it simply...crazed.

Here are a few indoor activities along with some awesome sensory toys/activites to keep us and our sensory systems busy on those dreary days!

  1. Increased chores (make a mess and clean it up-have fun with this!)

  2. Working on math problems or puzzles while utilizing stairs (ie. All puzzle pieces at the bottom of stairs x8-10 pieces, and then must climb stairs with one piece at a time to put into puzzle at the top of the stairs)

  3. Obstacle courses throughout the house while carrying a heavy object (ie. Gallon of milk, laundry detergent, bag/backpack filled with a few canned goods). We can include stepping/hopping over objects, crawling on the floor under objects, walking up steps, spinning in place, rolling on the floor, hopscotch, running, and walking slowly, etc.

  4. “Planting” a garden. Can do this with household items like beans, rice, paper, spoons…anything goes!

  5. Carrying a heavy watering can to “water” things around the yard.

  6. “Painting” the outside of the house with water and a paintbrush.

  7. Any kind of cooking that includes mixing. Try homemade play doh or slime!


· Water beads/Orbeez

· Water toys with different temperatures of water

· Expandable ball to work on breathing (ie. Open=breathe in, close=breathe out)

· Rainbow scratch art

· Sequin writing art

· Lite brite

· Pixel art

· Paint by sticker

· Window art kit

· Mosaic art kits

**These can be found either online or you can get creative to make them with items around your house**


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