Fun with food

Raise your hand if you have a picky eater in your house!

Even if your child has always been a 'good eater,' there's no doubt that being cooped up in the house for a month may have turned your child into the "I'M NOT EATING THAT AGAIN" kiddo.

Let's talk about some fun tips to change up your daily food routine!

  • Break out the food coloring! Change colors of yogurt, applesauce, cereal milk, even shredded cheese

  • Use those cookie cutters! They're not just for Christmas anymore. Use cookie cutters to change the shapes of fruit, sandwiches, pancakes, meats, and even granola bars.

  • Let the kids help! No one loves something more than if they've actually made it themselves. For some reason, it just seems to taste better. Get those kiddos into the kitchen and let them help prepare every aspect of their meal...this is a great time to work on safety in the kitchen too

  • Breakfast for dinner? Don't forget that age old quote "your stomach doesn't know what time it is." Change up your routines and have grilled cheese for breakfast or scrambled eggs for dinner. Nutrition is nutrition, no matter how you spin it

  • Get your pets involved! If you have a beloved cat or dog, let your child help feed them. Puppy takes a bite, and then child takes a bite....all the people and animals eat together

  • EAT TOGETHER! What better time than now? Sit together, model how you're eating the same foods that your child has, talk to each other, laugh, make funny shapes and faces with your food. Throw that thought that food shouldn't be played with out the window! That's so 2019.

**As always, reach out with any questions or concerns. Every meal should contain mostly preferred foods and maybe 1-2 new foods that your child can LEARN about WITH YOU**


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