Feeling like you're not doing enough?

Being at home 24/7 with our little ones can leave anyone feeling like they're not meeting their child's needs.

  • Maybe your child is feeling more anxious that usual.

  • Maybe they're more active or seeking excess sensory input.

  • Maybe they're asking more questions, or are less willing to eat even their normal foods.

  • Maybe school has become a huge challenge and you're not sure if they're even learning or how to help them when they struggle.

These are things I am hearing on a regular basis from a lot of parents.

You are not alone. You are not going crazy. Things will go back to normal.

One thing that many therapists think about during the "normal" times is how scheduled every day is for our kids. A 40 hour 'work' week for a 5 year old can be a lot...especially when it's challenging for even the most well-adjusted adults.

Let's take some of that pressure off ourselves as well as our kids during this time!

This is the perfect time to think back to how our childhoods were. No screens, using our imaginations, playing with toys that didn't light up and make noises, playing outside for hours. Sure, our kids aren't necessarily used to playing this way, but luckily we're home with them and can help!

Unstructured time is something that is especially difficult for our kids. Boredom creeps in quickly and they start to look for something fast-paced to fill their time.

School is important, but remember we also have SO MUCH to learn outside of the classroom.

I am enlisting you during this quarantine to think outside the box, find your inner child, and set aside a little time each day to help your child find new activities to occupy their unstructured time.

For this reason, I have added a forum section. This is a great way to communicate with both me and other parents. We're all in this together!


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