Designate a calming area

This is, without a doubt, a scary time for everyone. Anxiety is a real thing, even for kids. Sometimes we forget that children are just small humans who have all the same emotions that adults do.

More often than not, children's emotions may even be bigger and more frightening than our own. This is because they don't yet have the strategies we've formulated and perfected over many years.

Let's make a calming tent or designated area where our kids can feel safe, calm, and happy!

  • This can be as easy as a couple chairs in a comfortable area, away from most noise and action, with a sheet thrown over them. We can fill that with stuffed animals, make calming jars to keep there, puzzles, toys, crayons, markers, paper, calming lights, and music.

  • See photo below of John Luke's calming corner! *Posted with permission


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