Coordination skills!

Let's get both sides of the body working together harmoniously! These activities will help work the brain AND the body while creating better motor patterns and control needed for activities like riding a bike, dressing, typing, writing, cooking, cutting food, and more.

Add these activities into an obstacle course, or make it today's daily challenge!

  • Animal walks-bear walk, crab walk, snake slither, frog jump, penguin waddle, bunny hop, slow turtle crawl

  • Cross crawls-touch right hand to left knee, and left hand to right knee x10 each

  • Hopscotch outside with chalk

  • Dribbling a ball with both hands

  • Balloon volleyball using a stick/tube held with both hands

  • Clapping and/or marching to the beat of music

  • Balloon boxing, see video below from


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